Mary + Sam’s Grant Park Engagement Photos | South Milwaukee, WI


Mary and Sam choose to take their engagement photos at Grant Park in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Mary works as an infection prevention-ist, while Sam graduated with his master’s in supply chain management and is a plant manager in Waukesha.

They met in 2017 in Minnesota while Sam was living in st cloud, and working for a fishing map company as a surveyor. Mary’s good friend Nicole and her fiance Mitch were having a housewarming party. Nicole was busy, so when Sam (Mitch’s coworker) entered the house she asked Mary to give him the tour. Mary thought nothing of it at the time. A couple of days later Nicole told Mary that Sam told Mitch she was cute. But then Sam left for a three-week work trip. A month later Nicole invited Mary to join her at a going-away party for a different coworker of Mitch’s. Mary originally said no because she wouldn’t know anyone there, but when Nicole said Sam was attending she agreed to attend. The rest is history, and since then the couple has graduated with two degrees, bought a house, got a dog, got engaged, and moved states!


Sam and Mary took a trip to Florida. His parents often stay in Cape Coral, Florida for a few months out of the year, and they try to take a week every year to go visit them! Mary and Sam took a few days of this trip to go up to Disneyworld, and while at the resort after dinner one evening, Sam pulled the “fake shoe tying” trick and proposed!

Sam and Mary had just been looking at rings before we left for the trip, so Mary knew he didn’t have one when they went down to Florida. Mary definitely did NOT expect him to propose, since he didn’t have a ring! But Sam proposed with a ring Mary’s parents had given her when she turned 16, so it had a lot of sentimental meaning for Mary! It was so sweet and completely unexpected that according to Mary she ugly cried, and kept asking if he was “for real”. Of course, Mary said yes, and they celebrated with champagne! Mary now has her “real” ring, and it’s more beautiful than she could ever imagine! Sam did well. 🙂


Mary and Sam are planning their May wedding at Mercantile Hall in Burlington, Wisconsin. Mary wanted something that was realistic in price, but felt really elegant and relaxed! She loved that it was not stiff and uptight, but not ordinary because she wanted something a little different. The website was very intriguing, informative, and inclusive. They had so much information. The couple attended a wedding there in 2018, and it was a really fun wedding and like it a lot. Also, the fact that a hotel and shops are within walking distance were a huge selling point.



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