Jessica + Jake’s Boerner Botanical Gardens Engagement Photos


Jessica + Jakob celebrated their engagement with photos at Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hales Corners, Wisconsin.


Jessica and Jakob have been “circling the drain” on each other since high school, always just one degree of separation away from one another. Whether it be through friends of a friend or mutual party invites that one of them decided not to attend because of homework, they have lived less than five miles away from one another for years!

Enter the app Bumble. Both downloaded the app, and on Jake’s profile, he decided to show off his inner nerd including photos from Comicon with his nephew and the hulk or images of him hiking. He instantly thought Jessica was cute and hoped she would choose him. When she did, Jake was didn’t notice for an entire week! So by the time he sent her a message, Jessica had to relook at his profile to even remember who he was! Their first date was at Sobleman’s in Waukesha. Jake got there a half-hour early, and when Jessica walked in she didn’t miss a beat. She walked right up to him and said, “Are you, Jake? Let’s do this!” Jake said from this moment on he was hooked! The couple ate appetizers and talked so long they closed the place! Just after their first date, Jessica had a vacation planned with her family. Jake set an alarm on his phone to Hawaii time so he could call her every evening for the entire vacation. Jessica joked with her family that she was just talking to her boyfriend and that he just didn’t know it yet! Jessica and Jake have been inseparable since.

Jessica and Jake both live in the Waukesha area. Together they love road bicycling and cooking. Jessica is the “Gordan Ramsey” of the couple, while Jake makes an excellent sous chef, lol. Jake has taught Jessica to love comics, and they enjoy going to the store and checking new ones out to read together. They also enjoy watching Star Wars, Marvel, and DC movies together. This active couple also enjoys hiking, canoeing, and traveling to different parks around Wisconsin such as Devil’s Lake and Lion’s Den Nature Center. Jessica and Jake love drinking beer and going on brewery tours as well. Jessica has a cat named Cedrick that Jake loving nicknamed Bro Cat. Family is extremely important to both Jessica and Jake. Both sets of parents get along great with each other and they want their wedding day to be very family-focused.


Jake and Jessica joke that their engagement was a “process”. Mainly because Jessica would have loved for Jake to propose, and Jake wanted to take his time to do it perfectly so it was a “process” to plan it. Jake asked Jessica’s sister to help him in the planning process because he wanted to completely surprise Jessica! Originally, Jake had planned to recreate a romantic dinner date the two had. Then have Jessica’s sister video and photograph the entire thing hidden in a bush.

Eventually, Jake scratched that plan and decided to propose in the Whitnall Park Botanical Gardens during their Beer Gardens event. Jessica’s sister “invited” the couple to join her and her boyfriend at the Beer Gardens for a “fancy double date”. Jessica normally isn’t a fan of dressing up so this got her ready to go! Unfortunately, it was a rainy date but there was a patch of clear skies. Jake took advantage, and had the couple wander through the Boerner Botanical Gardens looking for his grandmother’s memorial stone, which doesn’t actually exist! Just when Jessica was looking around at the ground Jake got on one knee and pulled out the ring box. He was so excited and nervous that he opened it backward and all he could manage to should was, “will you marry me?” Jessica of course said yes, and Jake later told her the speech he had originally planned to give. Jessica’s sister got the entire thing on video! It was a very cool and loving moment for the two!


Jessica and Jake are planning their April wedding at the Historic Courthouse in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The couple loved the 1900s big building. They are most looking forward to being able to celebrate with family and friends, just dancing and chatting. Jake is really excited to see Jessica walk down the aisle, and also so excited for their families to be together. To him, it is not about the details of the day but about celebrating with family.



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