Tilly + Travis’s Engagement Pictures at Ridge Run Park || West Bend, WI


Travis and Tilly both met at Lifestar Ambulance, a private ambulance company that works all around Southeastern Wisconsin. Travis is a critical care paramedic and a station field educator. Tilly is an EMT and a pre-med student.

Tilly had a crush on Travis from the first day and wanted to make sure to work on the same shift in hopes of talking to him. Travis was hoping Tilly would work on the same shift with him too!

Apparently, Tilly hit on Travis first but she doesn’t believe that due to some very early comments such as “Lifestar has been hiring some very attractive people lately” and Tilly proceeding to call him “a butt” for making such comments. Eventually to two starting dating.


Tilly was supposed to take a trip to Guatemala for school and come back on the couple’s anniversary, May 28th. Travis was hoping to propose to Tilly that day but 1) Covid happened, 2) Tilly’s trip got canceled 3) the earliest Travis could get a hold of the ring was May 29th.

So, Travis held on to the ring for TWO WEEKS and Tilly had no idea. Absolutely NO idea. She knew he was going to do it very soon, but figured it would be another month or so until he could get it. Travis was very sneaky and had the ring the entire time.

One evening Tilly got home from a long and tough day at work. She had just finished talking to a few coworkers about how she thought Travis would be proposing soon. Turns out, that night was the night!

Travis was very persistent on getting a nice steak dinner because he “felt like it”. Tilly and Travis went to Jim and Linda’s, a cute supper club along Lake Winnebago. We watched an Elvis impersonator sing on the lake side before getting our dinner.

Tilly remembers thinking “maybe he would do it tonight if he had the ring but there is no way he has it yet”. They ate an amazing dinner. It was pretty late as the couple was leaving the restaurant, when out of no where Tilly saw Travis out of the corner of her eye bend down and hold up a big, sparkly, and beautiful ring in her face.

Tilly proceeded to sob “NO, NO, NO” in disbelief of what was happening. “Stop saying no”, Travis smiled at her and told her to stop crying so loud because someone might think he was murdering her. This will be a memory that they will have forever because it was perfect and so unexpected!


We held Tilly and Travis’s engagement pictures at Ridge Run Park in West Bend. It was the perfect location for this fun, adventurous couple! We explored the park while laughing, joking and capturing Tilly and Travis’s amazing love story 🙂


Tilly and Travis are planning their June wedding at the gorgeous Carstens Mill in Brillion, Wisconsin. They are excited to include family and friends to celebrate the start of their marriage!



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