Sarah + Ryan’s Pabst Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery Wedding || Milwaukee, WI


Sarah and Ryan were wed on November 12th with a ceremony and reception at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Sarah and Ryan met her best friend’s cookout. Sarah immediately fell head over heels in love with Ryan’s homemade hummus! It took her a little longer to feel that way about Ryan, lol.

Sarah calls Ryan my anchor because during the beginning of the pandemic he is really good at keeping her grounded and not getting too much in her own head. Ryan calls Sarah, his lighthouse because she pulls them through all of the hard stuff they have had to deal with.

Sarah describes herself as the mothering type. She likes to make sure that everything is as it should be and that everyone is having a good time. She can also be VERY protective of the people she loves, and is a good listener. Ryan’s vote of one of her best qualities.

Ryan is a big “goofball”. He’s got a million and one dad jokes and puns that will have you rolling your eyes and trying not to giggle. He is a great friend, a great brother, and a great son. He can be the life of the party or he can be sitting quietly on the side having a great conversation. He gives the best hugs after a long hard day. Even though he’ll say he’s not a good singer, Sarah loves to hear him jamming out to his music while he’s got his headphones on. He is an AMAZING cook and he and Sarah’s dad have started brewing their own beer together!

Together Sarah and Ryan love cuddling with their puppy on the couch They also co-op video games and cook together. Ryan cooks and Sarah opens the wine and provides entertaining conversation! The couple loves to take nice long walks and fantasize about their lives together. They also try to run all of the puppy energy out of their dog together, sing loudly in the car, and take each other out on date nights. They love making each other laugh!


Ryan’s family has moved a LOT over the years and right before Thanksgiving 2021, they were moving from a small ski town in Western New York back to Wisconsin (since Ryan and Sarah had bought a house here last summer). The couple flew out to help them load up the last of their things on the moving truck and then drive back with them. On the first morning, they were there Ryan wanted to go to the ski hill in town to “see it one last time” (in hindsight Sarah now thinks it is silly that she wasn’t even the least bit suspicious).

They got to the ski hill and decided to walk around a bit since it was a nice morning. Ryan stopped them and said something along the lines of “oh the lighting is really good, we should take some pictures!” They took a few selfies and then he said “Here, let me take one of you by yourself”, followed by “turn around so I can get a picture from behind, it’ll look cool with the light.”

While Sarah was turned around she heard him start to sing our song and snapped around and immediately started to cry. He said some very sweet words and Sarah said “yes, of course!” then, once she had a few more minutes of freaking out, they took one final picture of us looking blissfully happy and headed back to the car to start to tell everyone!


Sarah and Ryan wanted a brewery party with all of our loved ones, and they are so excited that is what they ended up with. This brewery party included touches of emerald, grey, cream city brick, and accents of gold.


Sarah’s gown is an open-backed fit-and-flare silhouette with beading and lace and buttons all the way down. Not at ALL what she originally envisioned herself in but she loves it so much! The coupled worked with Urban Sense to create flower accents that incorporated dark red, burgundy, and even some deep purple. They also included little succulents as a surprise color and texture.

Neither Ryan nor Sarah are big cake people, so they chose a small two-tiered cake and desserts from Greige’s Patisserie. One layer of the cake was champagne with raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream while the other layer was Earl grey with salted caramel and lavender buttercream. All of the layers were topped off with berries and a few little succulents as well as the couple’s pint glass-themed cake topper. The dessert table included lemon bars, lavender, and honey macaroons, blueberry cake shooters, and strawberry oat bars (for their vegan, lactose intolerant, and gluten-free friends).


Ryan and Sarah made all of the centerpieces themselves (emerald or grey painted wood pieces with a gold geometric overlay, some greenery, and two vases with a pint glass, each with twinkle lights to illuminate the tables a bit).

A college roommate of Sarah’s started a business with her mom and sister making and delivering wedding arches. She chose a large circular draped arch to serve as a backdrop to the ceremony.

Finally, because they got married at a brewery, Ryan and his father made a home-brewed beer to serve at the wedding reception (they’ve been brewing together for a few years now and this was their biggest batch yet)!


“Give yourself plenty of time (we’ve done just under a year) and don’t let the little things overwhelm you. When we first started the planning process I thought everything had to happen right away and I started to panic, but I realized that everything has its own timeline and that I should be enjoying this process as much as I can! Also, go to wedding expos if you can, you meet a ton of great vendors and they really are so much fun!” – Sarah and Ryan


Huge thank you to all of the amazing wedding vendors that made Sarah and Ryan’s day run seamlessly. Congratulations Sarah and Ryan on the start of your next great adventure 🙂

INVITATIONS: Schnable Printing & Invite Center

CEREMONY VENUE: Great Hall at Pabst Best Place

PHOTOGRAPHER: Allysha Noelle Photography

MEN’S SUITS: David’s Bridal



FLORIST: Urban Sense

HAIR STYLIST: The Bridal Beauty Team

MAKEUP ARTIST: The Bridal Beauty Team

RECEPTION VENUE: Great Hall at Pabst Best Place

DJ/MUSICIAN: Milwaukee Wedding DJ

CATERER: Tall Guy & a Grill

BAKER/DESSERTS: Greige Patisserie



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