My Favorite Equipment for Wedding Photography | Milwaukee, WI

On your wedding day, you might notice me carrying a rather large camera bag! It may be huge, but it holds all the wedding day essentials plus quite a few extra items that might just come in handy!


When it comes to weddings, two cameras are much better than one. This means your day is safely documented on two different cameras and four SD cards. Plus I am easily able to switch between focal lengths without taking extra time to actually switch the lens.


Depending on the size and lighting of your venue, different lenses will work best. However, I typically prefer to shoot one zoom and one wide-angle lens throughout the day to add variety.

Off-Camera Flash

Whenever possible, a mix of natural light and off-camera flash is my preferred lighting style. I use off-camera flash as a gorgeous fill flash, or pump up the power for a dramatic sunset/night sky portrait. The possibilities are endless!

On-Camera Flash

On-camera flash is used when off-camera flash is not practical. Especially at times when you are in constant movement or the fast-paced nature of an event doesn’t lend itself to stationary lighting. On-camera flash paired with lighting modifiers is the perfect solution to this problem.

Light Modifiers

Flash lighting can be very harsh and unflattering if not used and modified correctly. The following items ensure beautifully lit portraits.

Other Materials

There is a lot more than just gear needed for wedding photography. While I bring quite a lot of additional items to each wedding here are a few key things.

Pre-Planned Family Formal List w/ Names
Wedding Day Timeline
Vendors List
Layflash Boards & Styling Essentials

Just In Case

Luck favors the prepared, so I make sure to plan ahead just in case!

First Aid Kit
Sewing Kit
Bobby Pins, Hair Spray & Other Day of Essentials



Hi! I am Ali Bergen, a wedding and portrait photographer specializing in timeless and joy-filled imagery. I photograph weddings and portraits in Milwaukee, Hartford and all around the great state of Wisconsin.

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